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KidRated Loves

#KidRatedLoves Back To School

#KidRatedLoves Back To School

Hi guys, Emily here in the KidRated Hub. So summer’s over and it’s time to go back to class. If
you’re like me you’ll probably have mixed feelings about it, so I’ve got my round up of the 5 best
and 5 worst things about going back to school.
Mum’s promised to buy you a brand new rucksack!
But since when does your mum know what’s cool?
Nat: “Have a nice day darling!”
Em: “I hate you.”
You get to see the great friends you missed all summer!
Simon: “Em, EM!!”
Em: “GUYS!!”
But you’ve gotta see the rest of the class.
Nat: “Em, EM!!”
You’ve got an awesome new teacher.
Simon: “Today, in an introduction to film studies we are going to watch…”
Em: “Please let it be Frozen, please let it be Frozen, please let it be Frozen…”
Simon: “Frozen!”
Em: “YES!”
You’ve got an awful new teacher.
Simon: “Right, today you’re gonna go on a 5 mile run and you’re gonna get frozen!”
Em: “URGH!”
You can finally show off that phone you just saved up for.
[sketch]KidRated Loves Back to School- Transcript
Like you’re gonna get away with using it in class.
Simon: “Emily Sharp! Put that phone down right now!”
Em: “Ohh no!”
All your favourite shows are back!
Simon: “And now on CBBC, Wolfblood.”
Em: “Yess!”
But since when did you have time to watch TV.
Philippa: “Emily, do your homework.”
So that about sums it up for me, and when I’m feeling low I’ll remember, Halloween’s around the
corner. Yes! If you enjoyed this video then don’t forget to like, subscribe and we’d love to hear your
thoughts so put them in the comment box below. See you soon for more KidRated Loves.

It’s that time of year again and Emily is back with the #KidRatedLoves rundown of best and worst things about going back to school.

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