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Natural History Museum

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Natural History Museum

KidRated’s Natural History Museum Top Tips:

  • Best for kids & teens: The dinosaur gallery, the exciting volcanoes and earthquakes exhibit, and the dazzling Earth’s Treasury at the Natural History Museum.
  • Best for parents: The informative and beautifully curated exhibits, including the Family Favourites self-guided tour.
  • Top tip: Be prepared to queue for the most popular attractions inside.

The Natural History Museum, located in South Kensington, is an iconic museum offering a world of discovery that will captivate both children and teens.


Firstly, kids will absolutely love the dinosaur gallery. Imagine their excitement as they come face-to-face with towering dinosaur skeletons, including the famous T. Rex. It’s a thrilling adventure that brings prehistoric creatures to life.


Also, don’t miss the Family Favourites self-guided tour. This handy guide takes you on a fun journey through the museum’s most popular exhibits and can be downloaded before your trip. It’s packed with fascinating facts that make exploring the museum a fun and engaging experience.


Plus, the Earth’s Treasury is another highlight. Here, kids can marvel at a whole room of dazzling gemstones, sparkling minerals, and even a giant meteorite.


And for those fascinated by natural disasters, the Volcanoes and Earthquakes exhibit is a must-see. Kids can learn about the powerful forces that shape our planet and experience an earthquake simulator that makes learning thrilling and interactive.


Exciting news for this summer: the museum is opening revamped gardens! These outdoor spaces will offer a beautiful setting for families to relax and explore nature-themed exhibits, making it a perfect addition to your visit.


All in all, the Natural History Museum is not to be missed.

Dino Snores for kids events are incredibly popular – book well in advance. Click here for other fun events for kids.




If you are a parent of a child between 5 and 11 who has an autism spectrum condition you should definitely check out Dawnosaurs – an early opening event where kids and their families can enjoy the museum without the hustle and bustle of all the usual crowds. There will even be some great activities and workshops on offer. Plus it is totally FREE!


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Booking Advice:

  • Entrance is FREE!
  • Book tickets for special exhibitions such as the National Geographic Wildlife Photographer of the Year
  • Members can buy discounted tickets and skip the queues



Cromwell Rd

Phone number:

+44 (0)20 7942 5000


How to get there:

Nearest Tube: South Kensington

Teen Verdict

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I absolutely love the Natural History Museum. I’ve been a few times and I always enjoy myself. The building itself is really cool but when you get inside it’s insane. The immense size of some of the bones they have is crazy. I’ve always been fascinated by archaeology and fossils so being able to learn about it all in one place is so great. The interactive parts of the museum are also really fun and I never miss the blue whale!

Parent Point of View

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Laura Porter

  • A slight victim of its own success, there are usually queues just to get inside. Do remember there is a side entrance so avoid the front.
  • While we think of this place as the ‘dinosaur museum’ there’s so much more to see that the kids will enjoy.
  • The Creepy Crawlies gallery is always a hit, as is the Earthquake simulation in the Red Zone (and the super-cool long escalator to enter that part of the museum).
  • As with most other museums, get off the ground floor and there are less crowds.
  • If the queues are hours long just to enter go to the Science Museum or V&A as both are nearby.

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  1. Pauline

    Dinosaur heaven for kids! There are, of course, exhibits about animals, the ocean, space, evolution, and more, but, the dinosaurs are hugely popular (and crowded) for good reason. Go and see the animatronic t-rex that roars and sways. It might be scary for very young children. There are a couple of animatronic velociraptors along the way. There are fossils and taxidermied / preserved animals galore -think dodos and even chickens. The massive blue whale skeleton dangles over the main hall. Check out the earthquake simulator before you leave. It’s an absolute blast for kids and adults!

  2. Michelle Farr-Scott

    My kids absolutely love this place. My 5 year old says it’s his favourite place in the world and we have taken him at least 5 times since he turned 3. Now my 3 year old has had their first trip and also adored it, so we will be back as regularly as we can (albeit outside of school holidays as much as possible!!!). Also incredibly Covid safe. We love it.

  3. julian

    This museum is at the top of the list every time we visit London with our 4 & 5 year old boys – beautiful building, so much to see… only downside is queue for the dinosaurs now both kids are in school and we can’t visit in term time!
    Science museum handily situated just round the corner – also completely brilliant!

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