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Will your kids make the grades?

In a major study, last week, researchers at Cambridge University discovered pupils who spend too much time online, playing computer games and/or watching TV, run the risk of poorer GCSE results.



To celebrate this news, KidRated has joined forces with The Institute of the Bleeding Obvious and devised a tongue-in-cheek quiz for kids, to see if they need to be doing less online surfing and more offline studying.


So why not prise them away from one screen and put them in front of this one and let’s have a bit of fun. Will your kids make the grades?


Question 1

Which do you think makes the best use of filters?

Question 2

car for quiz

Where would be the easiest place to get your hands on a fast car ?

Question 3

pie quiz

Which PIE would you refuse to eat?

Question 4

Which 'Jokers' do you find funniest?

Question 5

Where are you most likely to post something?

Question 6

Which do you think sounds like a Bugs Bunny catchphrase ?

Question 7

zoella alfie laughing

What is most likely to make you laugh?

Question 8

Which word sounds best when you put it after 'Net'?

Question 9

Who is this?

Question 10

Next weekend, if given the choice, what would you rather do?


Excellent! Start packing for University.

The lower your score, the more likely you are to pass your exams. This result shows you're more offline than on and your TV is probably broken.

Careful - you're in the Danger Zone!

The lower your score, the more likely you are to pass your exams and this could be a close call. Time for less SnapChat and more SnapStudy (if that's a thing).

screen addicts

OMG! You're practically in Tron.

The lower your score, the more likely you are to pass your exams - so you might want to think about getting offline and hitting the books. . However, bear in mind this is a joke quiz so we're sure when exam time comes you'll be ready. Won't you?

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