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Alex Humphreys – Best Days Out

Published: 24th March 2024

BBC Newsround's Alex Humphreys



Embark on unforgettable adventures with Alex Humphrey’s Best Days Out!

Known for her dynamic presence as a BBC presenter and journalist, Alex Humphrey brings her expertise from her tenure at CBBC’s Newsround. Today, she seamlessly juggles journalism, insightful discussions on video games and weather forecasting. So let’s explore the world through Alex Humphrey’s eyes and discover the perfect day out for you and your family.

In 2021 she took a trip to Bletchley Park’s National Computer Museum to report on the BBC Micro’s 40th birthday for the BBC’s technology programme, Click




What was your favourite place to visit London as a kid, and why?



Alex Humphreys as a kid, with a wicker basket on her head

Alex Humphreys as a kid, with a wicker basket on her head



Growing up in North Wales, I never visited London much as a kid, but one of the first places I remember going to was the Royal Albert Hall. I have a memory of walking in and looking up at the massive auditorium with its acoustic diffusers (aka ‘mushrooms’) floating from the ceiling – they always reminded me of giant Smarties.



I’ve been lucky enough to play there with a brass band a couple of times. It’s the most awesome experience to hear live music in this place – definitely worth a visit during the Proms season (July – September) and they always have some really cool family events.

Where is your favourite place to eat with family?


My Old Dutch pancake house, Kensington, London

My Old Dutch pancake house, Kensington, London


When I lived in Kensington, I loved going to My Old Dutch for pancakes. It’s just off the high street and whether you’re a sweet or savoury person, they had some amazing combos – but their butterscotch pancakes were delicious.

Where would you recommend to travel with family in the UK?





Snowdonia in North Wales. It’s home to Wales’ highest mountain, Snowdon. Not only are the views immense if you go walking in the National Park, but there’s so much to do in the area, like take a ride on the famous Zip Wire at ZipWorld. Their underground Slate Caverns are close by too. And if you hop in the car, take a drive to the sea and walk along the lovely prom at Llandudno.


Bus, tube, taxi or walk?

Literary Tube Map in honour of World Book Day

Literary Tube Map in honour of World Book Day


I’d say bus, tube and walk. The tube is so easy and handy, but taking the bus gives you a better view of the city. And if you walk, you’re bound to see interesting things – some of the architecture in London is amazing, but we’re often in such a hurry we forget to look up and around us.

Give us your #London life-hack.



Download the CityMapper app – it was one of my most used (and favourite) apps when I first moved to London… Helps you get anywhere, and in the fastest time possible!


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