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The Scummy Mummies

Published: 2nd December 2020


Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn - The Scummy Mummies publicity shot

Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn – The Scummy Mummies

Meet Ellie and Helen……


Ellie Gibson is a mother to two children, veteran games journalist and stand up comedian, often all at the same time.



Helen Thorn originally hails from Australia and has lived in the UK for many years. She is a stand up comedian, also with two children.



In July 2013, Helen and Ellie launched The Scummy Mummies Podcast a fortnightly chat show for less-than-perfect parents. It was an instant hit, reaching number one on the iTunes Kids and Family chart.


Today the podcast has racked up hundreds of thousands of downloads and is listened to in more than 100 countries.


The Scummy Mummies also perform a live comedy show around the UK. See more at  / Insta: @scummymummies & Twitter: @scummymummies



Tell us about what you’re up to at the moment…


Usually we perform our comedy show all over the UK, but we’ve had to cancel most of the tour this year, for Obvious Reasons.



But we’ve kept doing our podcast (free to download from, or wherever you get your podcasts.)


Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn - The Scummy Mummies - with presenter broadcaster and KidRated founder Simon London

The Scummy Mummies with podcast guest KidRated’s Simon London


And we’ve just bunged a load of new products in our online store – visit for t-shirts, Scum Bags, and our best-selling Wine Mugs!


Seriously, please do. If we can’t start doing our shows again soon our kids will have to wear the wine mugs as shoes.



Scummy Mummies' towel, t-shirts and mug

Buy Scummy Mummies merch and keep them in wine…oh and clothe their kids as well.




What was your favourite place to visit in London as a kid and why?


Scummy Mummies Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn - as toddlers

Butter wouldn’t melt back then – now it just constantly runs down their chins!

Helen grew up in Australia, but Ellie was always being taken to the Horniman in Forest Hill. It’s an amazing free museum, with loads of weird taxidermy, musical instruments from all over the world, an aquarium, and a giant stuffed walrus.


It’s even better than that sounds.


We’ve both taken our kids there loads of times, and Ellie likes it so much she got married there! Which definitely wasn’t free.




What is your favourite place to eat as a family?


Does it have to be with our own family?


We love pizza, so Mama Dough in Honor Oak Park (if you like hipster vibes and polished wood), or La Pizzeria Italiana in Catford (if you like wine bottles in wicker baskets and giant fibreglass cats.)





We love a working brunch at Lazy Chef in Forest Hill – they do the best Mediterranean Breakfast, and many of our jokes have been inspired by their Turkish sausage.


But our favourite place is probably The Orchard in Brockley, which manages to combine a family-friendly atmosphere with superb cocktails and properly impressive, delicious grown-up food.


Also Ellie’s mate Dan from sixth form is the chef, so she gets free chips.


The Orchard, Brockley South East London

The Orchard, Brockley – chips, Ellie and Dan not pictured


Where in the UK would you recommend to another family?


We love a trip to Kent – it’s not too far from us in South-East London, which is good as we are lazy, but you can get a bit of countryside, a bit of coast, and there are fun places to visit like Leeds Castle.




It’s all about the kids, yeah?


It’s definitely not about the vast range of excellent pubs.


What would be your perfect day out with the family?


Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn - The Scummy Mummies

Nope we didn’t know what they were doing either….


Some sort of wholesome, guilt-relieving activity in the morning – maybe a walk in the woods, or a museum visit – followed by an absolutely massive lunch with loads of wine.


Then off to the cinema for the afternoon. The kids can pick the film, as we’ll be napping throughout.


In fact they can watch it twice.



Name three places you love going to with your kids:




Flip Out in Wandsworth, the arcades in Brighton, the school to drop them off.




Bus, tube or taxi?


Steam Train - Hogwarts Express

An irrational fear of the 21st century means Ellie and Helen will only travel by train




We still don’t have the tube in South-East London, and the Overground is so new we don’t really trust it.


You can keep your new-fangled contraptions, we like our transport unreliable and irregular, thanks very much.




What’s your favourite park for a winter’s walk?


Dulwich, because it’s nice and flat. And full of posh people, so you can have fun smiling and nodding at them, then watch them try to work out whether they’re supposed to know you from bridge or polo.



Give us a tip or a London life-hack…


Tired of people offering you a seat on public transport because you look pregnant?


Make your own version of the “Baby on Board” badge. Try one that says “Cheese on Board”, or tell it like it is: “Just fat.”



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