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Film Quiz

From Alec Guinness at St Pancras Station in The Lavender Hill Mob to Daniel Craig on the Underground in Skyfall, London as a movie location has always managed to be the star of the film. But how well do you know your captial city on the silver screen? Take our film quiz and find out…

Question 1

Kidrated Film Quiz Question 1

Which famous train station features in the Harry Potter series?

Question 2

Kidrated Film Quiz Question 2

In the Disney film Bedknob and Broomstick which famous London street is immortalised in song?

Question 3

Kidrated Film Quiz Question 3

Which James Bond films sees 007 falling from the air and landing on the O2 (formerly the Millenium Dome) after a high octane boat race down the Thames ?

Question 4

Kidrated Film Quiz Question 4

In which market does Eliza Doolittle first meet Professor Henry Higgins in the musical My Fair Lady?

Question 5

Kidrated Film Quiz Question 5

In which Museum is the Stormbreaker situated in the Alex Rider film of the same name?

Question 6

Kidrated Film Quiz Question 6

What colour is the door of the flat belonging to William (Hugh Grant) in Notting Hill?

Question 7

Kidrated Film Quiz Question 7

Whose shop is this from the film Paddington?

Question 8

Kidrated Film Quiz Question 8

In the 2009 film Sherlock Holmes the famous detective makes his escape by diving from where into the Thames?

Question 9

Kidrated Film Quiz Question 9

Which London Airport features in the film Love Actually?

Question 10

Kidrated Film Quiz Question 10

Tom Cruise famously filmed in an empty Times Square for Magnolia but which deserted London landmark did he use for Edge of Tomorrow ?

Quiz Score

Oh dear! Film Fluffed

Oh dear! I’m afraid you’re a disaster movie.
You’ve sunk like the Titanic and Jaws is on his way to finish you off.

Quiz Score

Not bad! Film Chuffed

Not Bad at all you’re not yet a box office smash but critically you’ve made an impression.

Quiz Score

Well done! Film Buff

And the Academy Award for movie location knowledge goes to you.
Get up on that podium and make a tearful speech but don’t forget to thank your agent.

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