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To Kill A Mockingbird


To Kill A Mockingbird has been taught to older children, in schools all over the world for the last 50 years.

We wrote this quiz to celebrate the publication of Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman – the sequel to Mockingbird that was published last year. Now in honour of the great lady’s death we’ve published it again.


It’s our way of saying thanks.


Good luck!


All images courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Question 1

To Kill A Mockingbird Quiz - Town

In which fictional town is To Kill A Mockingbird set?

Question 2

To Kill A Mockingbird Quiz - Scout

What is Scout's real name?

Question 3

Who is Charles Baker Harris better known as?

Question 4

To Kill A Mockingbird Quiz - Tree

Which of the following is NOT a gift left for Scout and Jem in the tree?

Question 5

To Kill A Mockingbird Quiz - Cal

What is the name of the Finch's housekeeper?

Question 6

What physical disability does Tom Robinson have?

Question 7

To Kill A Mockingbird Quiz - Fence

What item of clothing does Jem leave on the Radley Fence ?

Question 8

To Kill A Mockingbird Quiz - Walter

What does Walter Cunningham pour over his meat and vegetables, much to Scout's horror?

Question 9

To Kill A Mockingbird Quiz - - Gun

What is the missing word from this quote by Atticus to Jem "Shoot all the bluejays you want, if you can hit 'em, but remember, it's a _____ to kill a mockingbird.

Question 10

To Kill A Mockingbird Quiz - jem & Scout

What is Scout wearing when she and Jem return from the Halloween pageant and are attacked by Bob Ewell?


Oh dear!

Sadly you're more Boo Hoo than Boo Radley! Well done for trying though.

Not Bad!

A solid score for this bird. We certainly won't be mocking you!

Eat My Grits!

You're a Mockingbird Marvel. Well read, well answered, well done!

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