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Pearl Lowe

Pearl Lowe

Published: 15th August 2016

Pearl Lowe is a designer, author, mother and a former singer songwriter. Having lived in London for many years, she now lives with her family in Somerset.


Tell us about Petite Pearl Lowe

Petite Pearl Lowe AW16 7So Petite Pearl Lowe is a luxury dress up collection for kids and it’s based on vintage circus.


What was your favourite place to visit in London when you were a kid and why?

Petite Pearl Lowe AW16 1I loved Madame Tussauds. I just loved seeing all the characters. It was my favourite place as a child to visit in London.


Where in the UK would you recommend to another family?

Petite Pearl Lowe AW16 3I live in Somerset and I think it’s the best place to live in the UK so I would recommend people going down there to visit it.


Where is your favourite place to eat as a family?

Petite Pearl Lowe AW16 6My kids love Giraffe. That’s their favourite place. Whenever we’re in London they ask if they can go.


What would be your perfect family day out?

My perfect day out with the family is going on a very long walk along the river with the dogs and then going for a lovely Sunday roast with all the family and going home and watching a film in front of the fire.


Name THREE places you love visiting with your kids…

Petite Pearl Lowe AW16 4My kids love the Science Museum. They like all the touristy things. So they like the Science Museum, they love the Natural History Museum and they also love going to the cinema.


Bus, Tube or Taxi?

Petite Pearl Lowe AW16 11Taxi, I’m afraid. As I’ve got older, it used to be tube, but now it’s taxi.


Give us your best life-hack or a great piece of advice…

Petite Pearl Lowe AW16 8Someone just asked me how to have a happy life travelling with children and I would say, get a late flight. Never get those early flights because the kids are so grumpy it takes about a whole day to get over it. I always go in the afternoon and I always fly back in the afternoon even if it means missing a day.






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