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Published: 4th August 2022


Blippi is a fun, energetic character known for his signature blue and orange outfit and his entertaining and educational videos. He helps teach kids colours, letters and so much more!




Blippi’s Best Days Out 2022




Blippi encourages learning for children through doing, playing and exploring – inspiring a child’s natural curiosity about the world around them. Blippi has quickly captured the attention and hearts of children, and now he wants to make his content even more accessible to his young audience. He will be live on stage in the West End in the UK premiere of Blippi The Musical for 3 weeks only, at the Apollo Theatre (16th August to 4th September 2022). To find tickets, click here.






Tell us about your latest project.

Blippi The Musical, Apollo Theatre 2022





It’s so nice to meet you! I love meeting new friends! Soon, I get to sing and dance in the upcoming show Blippi The Musical. I love being able to share all that musical fun with my friends. I think I like the Monster Truck song best… Oh wait! The Brush your Teeth song is awesome because we dance with big giant toothbrushes… Oh! And I really like the Dinosaur song, too.






Have you ever had a day with your friends or family where things just didn’t go as planned? Well, that’s what happens in our show. Our party machine won’t start, so we keep trying new ways to fix it, until we realize that teamwork is the one ingredient we’re missing, yeah! So, I would love everyone to remember to never give up on your goals and remember that your friends and family are always there to help you.




What is your favourite place to visit in London?






Oh, there are so many great places in London! I don’t know if I can choose a favourite. I really liked the Royal Air Force Museum, because airplanes are so awesome. The way they take off and use aerodynamics to zoom through the sky – so cool!






Can you describe your favourite memory in London?





I went on a Red Bus tour of London on my last visit and it was AWESOME! I saw the London Eye, The Tower of London and I even got to try some fish and chips. They were soooo yummy!







What would be your perfect day out?





Oooh! I know exactly what I would love to do on a perfect day out. I would wake up and eat a yummy and healthy breakfast to give me energy. Then I would go to the biggest, most amazing playground that has my favourite colours EVERYWHERE: Blue and Orange! Then the day would finish with a dance party with my best friend Meekah. That sounds like the perfect day to me.






Do you prefer singing or dancing?





If I had to choose one, I would say I like dancing more because I love moving and grooving to a beat. You can be extra silly or shake your wiggles out. It’s so much fun!






Bus, tube, taxi, walk or cycle?


I love big trucks, trains and bikes… but my ultimate favourite vehicle is… the Blippimobile! It’s amazing because it has huge wheels and tires, and cool attachments like a rocket booster, spider legs and wings. Which means it can drive, climb and even fly!

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