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#KidRatedHowTo: Survive a British Heat Wave

Published: 17th July 2019

heat wave Devon

Feeling warm? It’s not a figment of your imagination, it’s the start of a heat wave, and it’s been known to send parents into a bit of a tizzy. Before you start reaching for the factor 50 and panic buying bottled water, have a read of our guide to staying cool in the heat. Your children will thank you for it.

heat wave blog

Thankful kids

 icon-thumbs-up DO make the most of it.

Gymboree and baby yoga can wait. Cancel any plans now or regret it later: this may be the only sunshine we get all year.

Heat wave beach




 icon-thumbs-down DON’T smother your little darling in sun cream.

Protection is good, but whitewash is never a good look, even when you’re five and a half years old.

icon-thumbs-up DO avoid the crowds.

While you’re enjoying a cappuccino with the other mums in the park café, your child is making mortal enemies with the hordes of kids cluttering the sandpit.

Greenwich Park

Parks are a great place to enjoy a heat wave

icon-thumbs-down DON’T go overboard with inflatables at the pool.

Stick to armbands unless you want to witness your precious angel float away with the wind.

icon-thumbs-up DO say “yes” to the ice cream man.

Give the no sweets before dinner rule a break, safe in the knowledge that strawberry flavour (almost certainly) counts as one of your child’s five-a-day.

SNOG frozen yoghurt south bank southbank

icon-thumbs-down DON’T embarrass your kids by stripping down till you’re half naked.

This is Margate, not Miami.

icon-thumbs-up DO leave the cork hat and industrial strength mozzie repellent at home.

Even in 25 degree heat the English countryside is no match for the Australian Outback.

how to survive a heat wave

 icon-thumbs-down DON’T be an obnoxious picnic-er.

Save the artisan loaf, goji berries and crudités for the dinner table. What happened to ham sarnies and cherry bakewells?

icon-thumbs-up DO transform your garden into a water park. 

The sprinkler system can be put to better use than hydrating your peonies.

icon-thumbs-down DON’T be put off by the rain.

It’s unlikely your treasure is going to catch their death of cold in mid-July. Avoid racing inside at the first sight of cloud- go on, live a little.

heat wave survival guide

Elliot braving the rain in Wales



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