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Jemma Forte

Published: 10th August 2022

Jemma Forte is is a British Journalist, Television Presenter, Business Owner, and Brand Ambassador. She is popular for hosting Disney Channel UK and as a regular on Jeremy Vine on C5, BBC papers and SKY news. She can also be found talking politics on GMB, TalkTV, Wright On the Nail podcast as well as on her brilliant new podcast that helps you navigate Twitter headlines, The Trawl with Marina Purkiss.




Jemma Forte’s Best Days Out




Fun fact: Nigel Farage once asked that Jemma specifically didn’t ask him any questions, so I think it’s safe to say she is one cheeky ball-buster!






Tell us about your latest project.

The Trawl Podcast with Jemma Forte and Marina Purkiss





The thing I’m most excited about at the moment is my new podcast called The Trawl. I’ve teamed up with the fantastic Marina Purkiss, a political commentator who is very big on Twitter. She’s also a fellow Jeremy Vine panellist, although we are never on together because we are so likeminded. The whole idea is we trawl through Twitter so you don’t have too. It’s a look at the week so the latest trending tweets dicate what we end up talking about. Iif you’re not on Twitter, it still works. It’s musey, a bit serious and funny aswell.




What is your favourite place to visit in London as a kid, and why?






My Granny used to be a tour guide, so she was amazing at taking me and my sisters to places around London to give my mum a break. She was the one who got me really interested in History by telling us juicy facts about The Tower of London, Windsor Castle and Houses of Parliament.




When we weren’t doing that, we were at Wimbledon Common looking for The Wombles! I actually feel quite conned, I was passionate about finding them. I remember one day getting really annoyed because I’d looked for about three hours. For god’s sake, where are they?





Where is your favourite place to eat with your family?

Fumo Italian Restaurant, London





The best Sunday roast has to beat the Black Horse in Kingston – absolutely delicious! Another favourite is Gold in Notting Hill Gate, which isn’t as expensive as you think it would be, even with wine. For one of my daughter’s birthdays, I took her to an Italian place called Fumo in St Martin’s Lane. She has never forgotten it. It was her first experience dining in a smart restaurant and, as she is about to be 18, I am taking her back there. I’m hoping it will live up to her memory of it! Other than that, my dad’s house in Putney. He’s the best chef.







Do you have a favourite shop?

Selfridges, Oxford Street





I do a lot of online shopping but I confess, I am a Superdrug junkie, it’s a worry how much I spend in there. If I was going to tell a tourist to go to a London Department store, I would have to say Selfridges. Just wandering around it is so cool and gorgeous – a proper experience at Fortnum & Mason’s during Christmas too, for a couple of Macaroons each.






Where in the UK would you recommend to another family?

Old Harry Rockets, Dorset, England – photograph courtesy of TripSavvy





My favourite part of the UK, apart from London, is Dorset. The dramatic coastline is so beautiful, even though it gets way too busy in Summer, but there is something about that part of the world which makes me relax I always see my family down there and it’s good for the soul.




Describe a vivid memory you have of London.

Waterloo Bridge, The Victorian Web


My favourite view in London is from Waterloo Bridge. I get the train to Waterloo and walk as much as possible. Even if I have high heels on, I do the New York thing and swap to flats to walk across it. I always stop a minute to realise how lucky I am to live anywhere near here, it’s so amazing! You can see St Pauls Cathedral, you can see the London Eye…The first time I got my first book deal was at Penguin Books on the Strand. I remember walking over the bridge to go home and stopping and wanting to scream because I was so excited. It was like being in a movie, a dream come true moment.




Bus, tube, taxi, walk or cycle – what is your preferred mode of transport?

Jeremy Vine leaves the ITN studios in London after presenting the first episode of his new show for Channel Five.


I absolutely love walking and I hate sitting in traffic. To get from A to B, the tube is a life line. I don’t pedal around Central London I’m afraid, like Jeremy Vine , who is the most amazing cyclist.





What is your London Life-Hack?

Maroush Kebab House, various shop locations around London


Go shopping on a Monday. Oh, and if you’ve been out for a good night, you need to go to Maroush and get a kebab on the way home, it will be the best you’ve ever have.

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