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Will Njobvu

Published: 1st July 2022

Will Njobvu is a TV and radio presenter, whose infectious personality and extensive live experience singles him out as a real talent to watch. Make sure to out Will’s new hilarious YouTube TV Show Reality, which brings you all the gossip from the world of reality TV and entertainment (see the latest episode below).







Will hosts both the Saturday Breakfast Show and Sunday afternoons on Capital XTRA. He also covers the Entertainment Presenter role on ITV’s Good Morning Britain.








Tell us about your latest project.




I am currently co-hosting a new YouTube show called Reality, where I get chatting to a reality star or someone who really loves reality TV shows such as Big Brother or The Kardashians. Obviously, I am focusing heavily on Love Island at the moment, so I’ve been interviewing last year’s stars such as Faye Winter or Chloe Burrows. I’m really enjoying my time recording in the studio so I’m putting all my energy into that.




What was your favourite place to visit as a kid in London, and why?

Will as a cute kid! Can I get an ‘aaawwwwh’?

Trafalgar Square



My favourite place to visit London as a kid was Trafalgar Square. I grew up in Enfield which is not that close to Central London, so every time I did get the chance to go, I found it really exciting. As a child, I thought I was a proper adult when I was out in central… I remember thinking “this is it! this is the pinnacle of life!”


Today my job is basically an entertainer – I’m always hosting shows which means I’ve got to be continually fun and bubbly and that can take quite a bit from you in terms of your energy. I know when I go to Central London, I’ll either be working or being recognised by people. I know when I leave there and return to my home in Rickmansworth, it’s quiet – I can go to my local country club or I’ll use the jacuzzi and wind down. I now have to mentally prepare myself when I go into London but when I come back home, it’s relaxed and I don’t have to be a caricature version of myself. 




Where’s your favourite place to eat with family?



My family and I love going to eat at Enish Nigerian Restaurant in Finchley. I love going there, but it isn’t great for my diet, is it? It’s so annoying as an adult you have to consider all of these things. I miss being a student and eating everything, I’d eat everything and never get fat! People would warn me “watch when you grow older” and I’d think “whatever” but here we are…



Where in the UK would you recommend to another family?

Photograph courtesy of Visit Wales



I adored going to North Wales as a child. Growing up in busy London meant being in the rural countryside was refreshing for me. I was fascinated by corner shops closing at 8pm. It was really interesting to adjust to a different way of life and I think those trips impacted my decision to move to Rickmansworth. Clearly, my family were also influenced as they recently moved to the Ruislip area, which is very leafy compared to our North London roots.



Describe your perfect family day out.

Buffet at VILLAS BRAZIL, Hamel Hampstead



My family and I love to go out for dinner, sit at a table, eat food we enjoy and just catch up. As I grow up (I say this to my Mum and she gets annoyed every time), I’m so focused on my career and my goals that I forget that my mum is getting older, I must spend more time with her. So are my brothers. I need to make sure I communicate with them so, for me, conversation with my family at a restaurant is the most important thing. We love Gaucho‘s and sometimes I use my Soho House membership to treat them. It’s really just about sharing quality time.




The last wider family thing we did was eat at VILLAS BRAZIL in Hamel Hampstead. It’s an all-you-can-eat type of place and you know what Brazilian restaurants are like… they bring meat to your table all the time – it just doesn’t stop! You almost need to put up a sign saying “I can’t take it anymore”. We did that less than a month ago and it was honestly flipping amazing. I had so much anxiety because it was extended family and they are all so kindly fascinated by my career but I was worried they’d be asking lots of questions. I left realising how much I loved them. It doesn’t matter where we are, as long as we’re together.



Name three places in London you love to visit.



There’s something about Richmond that makes you feel as if you’re not in London – the park and the restaurants… it feels like being in the countryside. I feel happy and peaceful every time I go there. Hampstead Heath has the same vibe in the summer.


Soho in all it’s glory –


Soho is an area I’m in love with – I’m basically part of the furniture in that place! I love the bars, the diversity, the LGBT+ community, partying there, birthday dinners…my social life starts and ends in Soho. 



Bus, tube, cycle, walk or taxi?

This really depends on where I am going. I live on a hill so I usually walk to the train station in about 20-25 minutes, but when I can’t be arsed I get the bus or if I’m feeling really lazy, ill be getting a cheeky £5 Uber. Where I live, there are no night buses so I’m always waking up realising I’ve spent £50 on an Uber from a night out in Soho. I’m not always on buses but I’m not fussy, I don’t mind taking one.


I’ve just learnt to swim and ride a bike for the first time – as part of an upcoming TV show. I had a three-hour lesson and the man told me I’d know how to ride a bike by the end of it. Of course, I didn’t actually believe him. I had a traumatic experience hitting my head after falling off a bike when I was young which ended in hospital so I’ve had a life-long phobia of cycling, but I did it! That was an amazing moment for me because Little Will would never imagined me doing something like that.

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