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London’s Best Theatre Shows for Kids Under 10

KidRated's pick of London' Best Theatre Shows for Kids under 10.




It’s 2024 and here’s our pick of London’ Best Theatre Shows for Kids under 10.

There’s nothing quite like taking the family to the theatre. And, there are plenty of shows on now that younger kids will love, laugh at and sing-a-long to. So, whether you live here or just visiting, taking in a performance is sure to be an unforgettable experience for the whole family


In this guide to London’s Best Theatre Shows for Kids, I’ve chosen productions that are suitable for under 10s. If you’re looking for something a little more mature then check out our guide to London’s Best Theatre Shows for Teens and Older Kids by clicking the picture below.


London's Best Theatre Shows for Teens and Older Kids


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Book Now!! Terrible Tudors





Terrible Tudors is back in the West End, and it’s a win-win for parents and kids alike! The show packs in an hour of entertainment, teaching children about the Tudors’ cruel and ruthless reign. The narrative cleverly balances humour with historical facts, making it both fun and informative.

As regular fans of Horrible Histories will know – it’s all about the songs and this production has loads of them. Plus some revolting near the knuckle jokes that kids will love. The show kicks off in 1483 with Henry Tudor’s victory over Richard III and covers everything from Henry VIII’s headless wives to the Spanish Armada.

The energetic performances, silly songs, and interactive elements are perfect for 10 year olds (and under) but you can also take older kids along as well because EVERYONE loves Horrible Histories !

Age: 5+
Date: 25th July – 1st September 2024
Venue: Apollo Theatre
Price: See KidRated’s Exclusive Deals




Polka Theatre




Get ready to rock with the dinosaurs at Polka Theatre! “The Colour of Dinosaurs” is a unique blend of music, science, and theatre that will captivate young minds.


This show, featuring real-life palaeontologist Dr. Jakob Vinther and a talented group of musicians, answers burning questions about what dinosaurs looked like and how they lived.


Expect catchy tunes, vibrant visuals, and an educational twist that makes learning about the prehistoric world fun and engaging. Perfect for kids aged 4-12

Age: 4+
Date: Until 9th June 2024
Price: Visit website for details




Unicorn Theatre


Unicorn Theatre presents “Huddle,” a heartwarming tale about a penguin family set against the icy backdrop of the Antarctic.

Follow the adventures of a baby penguin and its father as they navigate the challenges of their environment and learn about the strength of family bonds.


This visually stunning and tender performance is ideal for children aged 2-5, making it a perfect introduction to theatre for little ones. Running from July 3 to September 1, 2024, “Huddle” is sure to leave audiences both young and old feeling warm inside.

Age: 2 – 5 years
Date: 3rd July – 1st September 2024
Price: Visit website for details




Half Moon Theatre


“Paper Aeroplane” at Half Moon Theatre tells the imaginative story of two siblings who embark on a fantastical journey through the clouds using a magical paper aeroplane.


This enchanting performance explores themes of creativity, sibling love, and the power of imagination, all brought to life with beautiful puppetry and engaging storytelling.


Suitable for children aged 3-7, this play runs from June 20 to July 15, 2024. Kids will be mesmerized by the whimsical adventure and the delightful visuals that accompany it.

Age: 3 – 7 years
Date: From June 20th – July 15th 2024
Venue: Duchess Theatre
Price: Visit website for details




Little Angel Theatre


Experience the magic of “Handa’s Surprise,” a delightful adaptation of Eileen Browne’s beloved children’s book, at Little Angel Theatre.


This vibrant production uses puppetry and live music to tell the story of Handa, who sets off to visit her friend Akeyo with a basket of fruit. Along the way, the fruit mysteriously disappears. This charming tale iis a beautiful way to introduce  your little ones to the wonders of theatre…

Age: 2-5 years
Date: Until 2nd September 2024
Price: Visit website for details



The Puppet Theatre Barge


“The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse” at The Puppet Theatre Barge offers a delightful retelling of the classic Aesop’s fable.

This enchanting puppet show contrasts the lifestyles of two mouse cousins and explores themes of adventure, safety, and the comforts of home. The blend of storytelling, music and puppetry, is perfect for small kids, the intimate setting of the Puppet Theatre Barge provides a unique and captivating theatre experience that young audiences will love and remember for a long time after they leave..

Age: 3 – 8 years
Date: From 10th July to 10th September 2024
Price: Visit website for details



The Enormous Crocodile


A delightful musical adaptation of Roald Dahl’s classic, featuring a cunning crocodile with a taste for children and a jungle full of animals determined to stop him.

Packed with Dahl’s signature humor and quirky characters, this play will have kids giggling at the crocodile’s silly schemes and cheering for the brave jungle animals. The lively puppetry and engaging songs also add to the excitement.

Plus it’s at the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre and nothing beats seeing a performance in this amazing venue.


Age: All
Date: Until 8th June
Venue: Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre
Price: See KidRated’s Exclusive Deals




The Tiger Who Came To Tea


A charming stage version of Judith Kerr’s beloved story, where a friendly tiger unexpectedly visits Sophie and her mother, creating delightful chaos.

This popular and heartwarming tale is great for under 10s who love animals and using their imagination, and it’s wonderfully brought to life with adorable costumes, catchy songs, and interactive moments that will keep them spellbound and engaged.

Age: 3+. Babes in arms welcome and kids under 18 months on an adult’s lap do not need a ticket.
Date: 8th July – 1st September 2024
Venue: Theatre Royal Haymarket
Price: See KidRated’s Exclusive Deals




The Smartest Giant in Town


Based on the book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, this new musical tells the story of a kind giant who gives away his clothes to help those in need.

Packed with catchy songs, lovable characters, creative puppetry and colourful setsuniversal message about kindness should leave you and your kids feeling both entertained and uplifted. A nice little alternative to a Christmas pantomime…


Age: All ages – Babes in arms welcome and kids under 18 months on an adult’s lap do not need a ticket.
Date: 29th November 2024 – January 2025
Venue: St Martin’s Theatre
Price: See KidRated’s Exclusive Deals



BOOK NOW – My Neighbour Totoro



The enchanting world of Studio Ghibli’s “My Neighbour Totoro” is making a magical return to London’s West End at the Gillian Lynne Theatre from March 8 to November 2, 2025. This multi-award-winning adaptation brings the beloved characters of Satsuki, Mei, and the whimsical forest spirit Totoro to life with astonishing puppetry, beautiful music, and imaginative staging.


Based on the beloved 1988 animated film by Hayao Miyazaki, this enchanting show is a feast for the senses. The production’s use of live music, and inventive puppetry will mesmerise young audiences.

Be aware though that with a runtime of just under three hours, including an interval, it’s may be quite an epic undertaking for some kids. others though will be engaged from start to finish and is a brilliant introduction to the magic of theatre and the timeless appeal of Studio Ghibli’s storytelling​


Age: 6+
Date: From 8th March 2025 – November 2nd 2025
Venue: Gillian Lynne Theatre
Price: See KidRated’s Exclusive Deals




Shrek The Musical




A fantastical stage adaptation of the beloved DreamWorks film, where everyone’s favorite ogre embarks on a hilarious adventure to save Princess Fiona and find true love accompanied by his wise-cracking donkey called….Donkey!

Ok so this is going to make you feel ill but Shrek is almost 25 years old!! Yes – sit down and pour yourself a drink…

However it still retains all the charm and fun of the original film and this stage version, with its colourful costumes, catchy songs, and laugh-out-loud moments will guarantee the story is bound to capture a whole new generation of young fans. Oh and be ready to join in with the fun songs and dance moves!


Age: Under 14s must be accompanied by an adult. No under 3s.
Date: 19th July – 31st August 2024
Price: See KidRated’s Exclusive Deals




The Grufflalo



With its enchanting storytelling, lovable characters, and catchy songs, this stage adaptation of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s classic tale is pretty much guaranteed to be a hit with you younger kids.

For those who don’t know the story (and is there really anyone who doesn’t) we follow the adventures of a courageous little mouse who outsmarts a series of hungry predators with it stories of a mythical creature nicknamed The Gruffalo.

As you’d expect this is perfect for young kids 10s who love adventure and clever characters but once again it’s one of those that demands you’re all ready to participate from your seats – so make sure you’ve all got your dancing shoes on.


Age: 3+ but babies and younger children will be allowed entry.
Date: 17th July – 8th September 2024
Venue: Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith
Price: See KidRated’s Exclusive Deals







Nearly every kid who has been exposed to any of the Greek myths gets hooked on the storytelling and sense of adventure. So fans or not there’s a very good chance your kids will feel the same about Hadestown.

After huge success in the US this visually stunning and emotionally rich musical lands in the West End in an enchanting production that weaves together the stories of Orpheus and Eurydice and Hades and Persephone into a single, mesmerizing tale. With its vibrant set designs and hauntingly beautiful music, “Hadestown” will take the family on a journey to the underworld and back, making every moment an adventure.

“Hadestown” isn’t just a show; it’s an experience that combines music, storytelling, and visual artistry in a way that will leave you and your children spellbound. The innovative set and lighting designs create an immersive environment, transforming the stage into a world where myths come to life. The musical’s themes of resilience, love, and the power of music resonate deeply, making it a meaningful and memorable outing for families.


Whether you’re familiar with the original myths or discovering them for the first time, “Hadestown” promises to be a theatrical journey that you and your kids wi’ll cherish long after the final curtain call​


Age: 8+.
Date: 5th January 2025
Venue: Lyric Theatre
Price: See KidRated’s Exclusive Deals




The Secret Garden



A musical adaptation of the classic novel about Mary Lennox, an orphaned girl who discovers a hidden garden and, with it, a renewed sense of hope and family.


Welcome to the enchanting world of “The Secret Garden” and watch as magic and mystery unfold! Kids will be captivated by the lush, fantastical setting and the heartwarming story, while teens will appreciate the themes of healing and growth. This timeless tale is beautifully brought to life with stunning visuals and memorable music.

Age: 10+
Date: 24th July 2024
Venue: Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre
Price: See KidRated’s Exclusive Deals




MJ the Musical



OK – we get this might be a problematic one as Mr J’s wholesome image took a bit of a bashing in his later years. So if you don’t feel this show is for you we understand if you scroll down…..


For the rest of you, MJ: The Musical brings the King of Pop’s legendary music to life. Featuring Michael Jackson’s greatest hits, this production chronicles his life and career, exploring his rise to fame, iconic performances, and lasting impact on the music industry. Kids will be mesmerised by the spectacular choreography, dazzling costumes, and the infectious energy of the performances.

This musical not only pays tribute to a musical icon but also serves as a history lesson on pop culture. For kids who enjoy music, dance, and the magic of Michael Jackson’s timeless tunes, “MJ: The Musical” promises an unforgettable and entertaining experience.


Age: 8+
Date: Until 14 September 2024
Venue: Prince Edward Theatre
Price: See KidRated’s Exclusive Deals




Matilda the Musical


Who could resist the classic tale of Matilda, the dark and delightful adaptation of Roald Dahl’s tale of a child genius and her monstrous headmistress? The show was written by Dennis Kelly, with music and lyrics by the quirky, super-clever Australian comedian Tim Minchin.


The narrative focuses on Matilda, precocious at just five years old and a keen reader. It follows her as she overcomes the numerous obstacles put in her way by her family and school, where she ultimately helps the only teacher she likes, to reclaim her life.

Age: 6+
Date: until Dec 2024
Venue: Cambridge Theatre
Price: See KidRated’s Exclusive Deals




Starlight Express





“Starlight Express” is a high-octane, roller-skating musical extravaganza where toy trains come to life in a child’s dream. The story follows a steam engine named Rusty who races against modern engines to win the heart of the beautiful Pearl.


Get ready to be blown away by “Starlight Express,” a show that’s part musical, part roller derby, and all fun! The dazzling lights, speedy stunts, and catchy songs will keep kids and teens on the edge of their seats. The unique roller-skating spectacle brings a thrilling twist to the classic underdog story. Perfect for kids who love action and teens who crave high-energy performances, this one’s a must-see!

KidRaters Tiggy and Wren at Starlight Express at the Troubadour Theatre in Wembley

It’s a 10/10 from Tiggy and Wren

Age: All ages
Date: Until 16th Feb 2025
Venue: Troubadour Theatre, Wembley Park
Price: See KidRated’s Exclusive Deals





Frozen the Musical



This production of Anna and Elsa’s well-known story includes all the incredible special effects you’d expect from a Disney production, jaw-dropping scenery, and all the songs you know and love.


It will be an unmissable experience that will stay with the kids long after the curtain falls. Even the biggest Frozen fans will be in for a few surprises, as the production features new music from Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, the unforgettable Let It Go writers.

Age: 6+
Date: until 1st June 2025
Venue: Theatre Royal Drury Lane
Price: See KidRated’s Exclusive Deals





Wicked tells the story of the true friendship between two very different witches, the Wicked Witch of the East and the Good Witch of Oz


This is a story full of magic and spectacular costumes and dresses that will make the kids’ imagination fly. It really is a fabulous musical to take the little ones to.

Age: 7+
Date: until December 2024
Venue: Apollo Victoria Theatre
Price: See KidRated’s Exclusive Deals


The Lion King



The Lion King Musical is undoubtedly a family favourite. Both adults and children know the fabulous story of how Simba, a lion cub, comes to the throne to become the Lion King.


It’s a musical with no shortage of famous songs that’s sure to excite the real Disney fans out there. The animals pass through the aisles in the stalls when the show starts, so you might want to choose seats next to the aisles if you want to see the animals up close.

Age: 6+
Date: until June 2025
Venue: Lyceum Theatre
Price: See KidRated’s Exclusive Deals


Back to the Future: The Musical



This stage adaptation of the iconic 80’s film, Back to the Future, is sure to evoke some feelings of nostalgia for many of you parents.


The kids are sure to get excited when Marty McFly, your typical rock ‘n’ roll teenager, is accidentally transported back to 1955. In order to guarantee that he makes it back to the future, he needs to ensure that his parents meet and fall in love.


You and the kids will marvel at the gravity-defying, time-travelling DeLorean that supposedly reaches speeds of up to 88 miles per hour!


Age: 6+
Date: until July 2024
Venue: Adelphi Theatre
Price: See KidRated’s Exclusive Deals




Mrs Doubtfire: The Musical



Mrs. Doubtfire tells the story of everyone’s favourite Scottish nanny. Out-of-work actor Daniel will do anything for his kids. After losing custody in a messy divorce, he creates the alter ego of Scottish nanny, Euphegenia Doubtfire, in a desperate attempt to stay in their lives.


As his new character takes on a life of its own, Mrs. Doubtfire teaches Daniel more than he bargained for about how to be a father.


There’s a real buzz around this production. There are some big granny boots to fill because Robin Williams was such a legend in the film but word of mouth says this will be a hit.

Age: 10+
Date: Until September 2024
Venue: Shaftesbury Theatre
Price: See KidRated’s Exclusive Deals



The Play That Goes Wrong


Described as Fawlty Towers meets Noises Off; The Play That Goes Wrong at the Duchess Theatre is a must-see smash-hit and absolute riot.


The Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society are trying to put on ‘The Murder at Haversham Manor,’ a 1920’s murder mystery play where absolutely nothing goes as planned! The accident-prone thespians battle against all odds to make it through to their final curtain call, with hilarious consequences.

From falling props and wobbly floors to mishaps with lights and sounds, this show is a laugh-out-loud journey full of slapstick comedy, pranks and mishaps that’ll keep you chuckling the whole way through.


Get ready for an uproarious adventure that both you and the kids will love!

Age: 8+
Date: Until November 2024
Venue: Duchess Theatre
Price: See KidRated’s Exclusive Deals



And for Older Kids and Teenagers….

Click here or the image below for our unbeatable guide to the best theatre for Older Kids and Teens….

London's Best Theatre Shows for Teens and Older Kids




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